Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A lesson you shouldn't have to learn

is not to trust people.

A few days ago I had my cell phone and car keys sitting in the child seat of my shopping cart. By time I got out to my car, the keys were there...the phone was not.

What goes through a persons mind when they steal from others? How can you do something like that and not feel bad? Even in the smallest instant do they wonders if they put a hardship on the person they took from? Do they not worry about their future if they get caught? Don't they ask themselves if its worth going to jail?

I'm glad my conscious won't allow me to steal like that.

Update: 9/27/11

Someone had the phone and was listening to my voicemail and using the Internet on it. I was shocked and made even angrier. It's one thing to steal a phone and pull the Sim card out to resell or use yourself but to listen to my voicemail? That just adds insult to injury.

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