Monday, September 26, 2011

Just the work mule kicking back.

Did you enjoy the cool air of the air conditioner this summer? Yes.
Do you smell good because you were able to take showers everyday? Yes.
Was the water for your shower warm? Yes.
Is your dog still well feed even though you've not bought dog food in months? Yes.
Has your trash been picked up and hauled away every week? Yes.

That stuff all costs money too. Those are things that the whole household benefits from. They are called household bills and expenses for a reason.

Say what you want about me but think about this...If you are comparing how you are acting today with how I used to act 15 years ago...what is that truly saying?

In case people are confused...Tara's halfway house has officially closed for business due to the grave attack on the owner. (She's been stabbed in the back, the poor dear.)

And one more thing...when you have less bills and more income than I do...that IS you on your feet. So It's time to climb off my back and put your big girl panties on.

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