Friday, September 30, 2011

The house that silent treatment built

Since asking my sister to start supporting herself I've been ignored by the remaining member of the household.

Seems she wanted to buzz in my ear about how wrong my sister was acting but when it came time to stand up for what she was saying, she backed down, leaving me to look like the big bad. Again.

You can't do that. You're either Switzerland or you're America. You can't simultaneously stay out of every one's business AND be in every one's business.

There's a lot less I have to listen to when it comes to my flaws. That part I like. No one should have to have their personality constantly in question right where they live. It isn't fair. It leaves no safe place to go. Really if I'm too hard to live with the people that believe that should move on. Right? My name is the one on the mortgage and I'm responsible for it so that automatically rules out me moving on. So either learn to get along or ....well, get-a-long.

Now people keep thinking that's my way of kicking them out. Not at all. I'm just saying, I'm not going to be miserable where I live anymore. If you can't agree with that, there's nothing more for us to say.

Update: 10/05/11 1:45 PM

So what do you do when you live with people that don't know how to work past differences?

As you know my mother has been living with me. Every time we get into a fight, her knee jerk reaction is to say she doesn't have to live like this and she's just going to move on. I don't understand who does that.

If you live with someone, you're going to fight. Some fights are going to be your fault, some theirs and some are going to be due to misunderstandings.  Some will be valid and some with be so stupid that you're embarrassed to admit you started them but no matter what you WILL fight.

What I think makes a difference is this: if you can see your flaws and faults. If you can concede every now and then to someone else's point of view, you have a chance of living at least mostly peacefully together. If you can't let go of anything. If you can't see that you aren't perfect then you might as well sign up for that single bedroom apartment and let others live in peace.

That's what she's decided to do and I wish her luck.

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